Easy Cryptocurrency Mining – MinerGate Review

Being the techie guy that I am, mining Cryptocurrency like BitCoin, ETHEREUM, Zcash, Monero, Litecoin‎ etc. has always been something I wanted to get into. I however never had the time or capital to invest in a mining rig on the off chance I make a few bucks. Then I stumbled upon MinterGate, which is a fully automated multi currency miner that runs on your existing hardware mining the Altcoins that are still GPU minable. Some Cryptocurrency like BitCoin the difficulty level of mining has increased so much you need very specialized hardware called ASIC’s. As you can imagine as an IT guy, I have a few extra computers with high end graphics cards laying around; it is as easy as installing the easy mining software and hitting start!

minergate interface

Now do not get me wrong this is not a get rich quick scheme, more of a “YAY, I made $9 today!” (Well 0.000626 BitCoins, but you get the idea) The rate in which you can mine does vary greatly on your hardware, and number of machines you have working. My main desktop has dual GPU’s and an Intel i7 8 core processor, so it is fairly successful running at a more power efficient 50%. (did I mention you can choose how much CPU and GPU you put towards mining with a simple drop down?) I have a few machines around my house mining several currency’s and at current exchange rates I mine between $3 and $9 a day. Throw in the minor cost of power and it is still a profitable venture, as these machines were already running.

So if you are looking for a super easy way to get into mining, and learn a few things along the way about an industry that is exploding. The software is very easy to install on Windows, Mac and Linux and offers both a GUI and command line interface. To get started simply visit the MinerGate website.